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Does Woodforest Bank Have Zelle {detailed guidance} 2024

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Does woodforest bank have zelle

Do you want to know if Woodforest Bank have Zelle on its list of the accepted bank?

This is the type of question normally asked by those in search of the easiest way of doing transfer.

We will discuss everything about Woodforest Bank and Zelle, after reading till the end you will be able to find out by yourself if truly Woodforest works with Zelle.

Explanation of Zelle

Zelle is a popular app used for transferring and sending money to different countries.

Many people prefer using Zelle because of its simplicity and security features.

Explanation of Woodforest 

Woodforest at the same time is an online bank for transferring and sending funds, They partner with other banks for more easy transactions.

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Does Woodforest Bank have Zelle?

We have checked and carried out deep research but in the end, we discovered that Woodforest Bank doesn’t work with Zelle on the other hand Zelle doesn’t work with Woodforest.

But don’t be disappointed yet there are still ways to bring both of them together.

Even though Woodforest Bank doesn’t have zelle there is a way to go about it, which is about to reveal now.

Step 1

Get a Woodforest debit card: you have to get your Woodforest debit card, if you don’t yet have it then go ahead and request it from Woodforest.

Step 2

Link it with Zelle: Link up your Woodforest debit card on your Zelle app.

Zelle provided an option for linking up a debit card, go ahead to add your Woodforest card there.

With this method, you can add funds to Zelle through the Woodforest debit card and also withdraw funds from Zelle to the Woodforest card.

This is just the simple way to make it work for you perfectly.

Linking the Woodforest card to Zelle is just the only way out for now until Zelle and Woodforest fully partner with each other.

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The process of linking the Woodforest debit card on Zelle

I want you to fully understand everything that deals with linking Woodforest debit cards with Zelle, that’s why I’m showing you this detailed guidance.

Below are the steps to follow when trying to link your card to Zelle

  • Get the Zelle app from Play the Storeve you have gotten the app 
  • Login to your dashboard
  • Search your bank”Woodforest” on the search bar 
  • It will indicate that the bank is not available
  • Click on “don’t see bank”
  • Fill in and enter your details eg. Your Email address associated with Zelle
  • An option for linking your card will show up, then enter the card details of Woodforest eg. Expiring date, card number, etc.
  • After entering the details it will be successfully linked together.

This will allow you to add money from your Woodforest card to Zelle

And also send money from Zelle to Woodforest.

Limitation for linking zelle card with Woodforest

One of the limitations of linking card Woodforest with Zelle is the “limitation in transactions” users can only transact with $500 per week through the card.

This is only the downfall here, if you are into serious business that requires transactions of money without any limitations then it’s better to go for those banks that work and partner with Zelle.

Lists of bank that partners with Zelle

Numerous banks in the USA partner and work smoothly with Zelle

But we are going to list only a few of them

They are:

Bank of the Rockies


Busey Bank

Bruning Bank


Bristol Morgan Bank

Brickyard Bank

Bravera Bank

Boston Firefighters CU

BOK Financial

Alta Vista Credit Union

Altoona First Savings Bank

Amegy Bank

American Bank

American First Credit Union

California Credit Union



Capital Community Bank

Capital One

CASE Credit Union

Centra Credit Union

Central Bank KY

Census Federal Credit Union

Chelsea State Bank

Chase Bank etc.

To find out more about those banks that partner with Zelle you can visit Zelle here.

For easy location of any bank you are searching for on z type the name of the bank on the search bar at zelle it will appear.

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Does Woodforest Bank have Zelle?

Directly Woodforest Bank doesn’t have zelle but both can work indirectly through debit card linking.

This is the many people make use of them.

Any benefits to linking Woodforest with Zelle?

Yes, the benefit is for easy and more convenient transfer of funds to each bank.

Any fee for linking the Woodforest debit card with Zelle?

No, it’s free of charge and easy to carry out.

Does Woodforest Bank have Zelle for money transfers?

No, Woodforest Bank does not offer Zelle for online money transfers, except if you link up your Zelle card with Woodforest.

How quickly do Zelle transactions process with Woodforest Bank?

Zelle’s transaction with Woodforest Bank goes quickly within a few minutes of carrying out the transaction.

Once the card is properly linked up every transaction will start going smoothly.

What is the maximum limit for Zelle transfers at Woodforest Bank?

For transferring money from Zelle to a Woodforest card there is no limit to it

But when sending money from Woodforest card to Zelle the maximum you can send per week is $500.

What is the Woodforest card used for?

A Woodforest card is a type of card that can be used for carrying out transactions.

You can use it to purchase products online by entering your card details.

You can also use it to carry out offline transactions.

Almost all banks offer debit and credit cards to its users.

Does Woodforest Bank have Zelle, They are not officially partnering together but you can indirectly make use of both by linking the Woodforest debit card with Zelle.

This way you can transfer funds to each other as you want, with a $500 weekly transaction limitation.

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