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10 Disadvantages & Cons of finance for kids You Shouldn’t Neglect As A Parent Or Guidance

Finance for kids

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Are you shocked to come across the Cons of Finance for Kids? Over time many financial advisors have been discussing and focusing on only the Advantages, without even trying to analyze the disadvantages.

That is why I have dedicated my time to drawing the attention of people, guidance, and parents so that they will be aware of the cons of finance for kids.

It is quite obvious that kids’ finance offers a lot of wonderful opportunities for kids, same way it also has its Advantages which I’m going to reveal to you.

Of course, most of those things with advantages also have their disadvantages, including kid’s finances.

Reasons for knowing the disadvantages of kids’ finance

Let’s talk about those reasons for knowing the cons of a kid’s finances.

To Create awareness

I believe that one of the reasons parents or financial educators should know the disadvantages of kids’ finances is to create awareness so that as they are teaching those Advantages they will bear in mind their disadvantages.

And as well let those children be aware of the consequences that may arise.

Mitigation of Cons.

Being aware of the disadvantages will help financial educators. They will come up with strategies and methods that children can implement so that the risks will be lessened.

More Education

This is another means of gaining deeper insight concerning kids’ finance, I believe learning the disadvantages is another way of being educated more concerning finance.

With this being said let’s now move deeply to those disadvantages of kids’ finance.

The consequences of finance for kids.

Those consequences for kids’ finances are as follows.

Managing Finance without the concert of their parents.

Children are oat to inform or let their parents know about any financial stuff they are planning for, As children learning about kids finance can warrant some of them to start making financial decisions without letting their parents or guidance know about their decision.

As a parent, I think you might not be happy to see your child making financial decisions and accomplishing them without even telling you about them before embarking on the decisions because he may think he has had enough financial knowledge to make his decision.


Being financially educated can make some kids start over-working themselves with some menial jobs so that they can be able to save up.

Some of these menial jobs they will be overdoing may be harmful to their health or affect them in terms of reading their books.

Focusing their attention only on Money 

This finance for kids can make them Always think about how they can make money steadily.

As kids, they are not supposed to stress their minds with thoughts on how to make money, but when they are exposed to finance they might be thinking only about how to make money.

Instead of relaxing their mind as kids they will now bear the burden of thinking about how they can be able to get money.

Having more value for money than education 

Instead of valuing their education more, some children will now divide their attention focusing more on making money.

Nowadays children can also make money online, Some of them may abandon their studies and start surfing online in search of the online jobs they can do so that they can make money.

They may spend more time making money than their education, which may lead them to pursue money and lose interest in their studies.

This is one of those disadvantages of kids’ finances, if care is not taken it may lead to the ruin of the child.

Not respecting their elders

Just because they are making money, some of them may not have respect for their elders and parents anymore.

They may start developing some bad habits and disobedience which are unusual.

Stress &Anxiety

This is one of the disadvantages of kids’ finances, children most times children may be stressed out concerning the finances of teaching and learning which may lead to their anxiety.

Not all children can accommodate financial teaching at a tender age.

Some children may see the finance teachings as a great burden frustrating them.

Comparison with Peers

This is mostly found among some children who are enlightened on finance, they will begin to compare themselves with their peers.

They will be comparing those possessions their friends have which they are yet to get, it will start making them feel an inferiority complex and think they are not doing enough at their age.

Negative impact on mental health 

Some kids may develop sickness due to the teachings of kid’s financing.

Remember that prolonged stress can lead to mental challenges as well.

When children are forced to continuously learn what they find very stressful to learn, it might lead to mental health challenges for the kids.

Feeling Pressure

Some kids might feel that their parents, friends, or guidance are pressuring them to progress financially.

And most of them may be wearied of the pressure which may lead to their anxiety or frustration.

Negative Impact on social relationships

Finance for kids may negatively impact the kids on social relationships, they may not be giving their attention to friends and close ones again due to the ways they were dedicating their time in planning and setting up their financial goals.

After going through finance education most kids will start visualizing their relatives and friends as a distraction to their financial goals, this will make them start isolating themselves from their social relationships.

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How to Cub the Cons of Kids Finance

If those cons are not well handled to may cause serious damages to the child.

These disadvantages can be quenched or avoided when certain measures are implemented.

Not allowing them to perform more jobs

You can allow your adult kids to perform some menial jobs so that they can save some money for themselves.

But don’t allow them to over-work themselves to avoid them not reading their book because of how tired they feel. 

Regulating their phones

This aspect is very important, ensure that your child’s phone is well monitored so that they won’t overuse it for online money hunting.

You can make use of some apps to thoroughly monitor their movement online.

Also, you can set a time for them on how long they can use their phone each day.

This will surely help out.

Teaching them the implication of misusing kids’ finance 

As a parent or financial educator, enlighten those kids on the implications that come with the misuse of kids’ finance, when they are aware of these cons early, they may not like to fall into such thereby totally avoiding those cons.

Ensure they put their education first in all

Just try as you can to ensure they are taking their studies more seriously than anything.

Keep close eyes on them, you can go through their books, search for their scores, and also conduct some tests for them.

With these steps, even if they are making money they will surely remember to put their studies first before any other thing that matters.

Do finance for kids also have advantages?

Yes, a kid’s finance has numerous good benefits it offers to kids that make people ensure that their kids benefit from it.

Examples of the Advantages are; it helps children to prepare and plan ahead of their future etc.

Is there any way to avoid the disadvantages?

Yes, there are several ways to avoid the cons of kids’ finances so that those children will not fall prey to them.

Examples of the ways to avoid it include the following;

  • Making the finance teachings more simple so that kids will not misunderstand it.
  • Cushioning them to manage it properly so that they won’t use it in the wrong way.
  • Always ensure that you keep an eye on your kids, to know when they have crossed boundaries so that you can direct them.

Should finance be still taught to kids since it has disadvantages?

Yes, they should be taught to kids because their advantages is more better and bigger than the disadvantages.

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