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9 Recommended Finance Books For Kids Between The Age Of 3-13 Years.

Finance books for kids

Searching for the best book that will help your kid to learn finance? I’m assuring you that you are at the right place. There are numerous finance books for kids, but in this content, I’m going to list the best ones for you.

An Interesting story of why it’s important to educate kids about finance

Once upon a time, a kid told his mom, 

Hey, mom, I hate rich people because they are very wicked and arrogant.

Also when I grow up I will become poor because I don’t want to be rich and wicked.

The mother was so shocked wondering where his 7-year-old son got the idea that rich people are wicked.

Then she started lecturing her son that rich people are not wicked and told him not to choose poverty because it’s not going to help him.

The story shows why it’s important to educate kids about finance, most times some kids may have negative beliefs about finance but they may not have the opportunity to speak it out.

The story above is a real-life story of a mother about her little son, And I believe it has summarized the importance of finance to kids

As a good parent to your child, you shouldn’t neglect the financial upbringing of your kids, even if you find it hard to discuss with your kids about finance then you can consider getting them some interesting books that can do the work for you.

As it is rare to teach kids about finance at school it is now left for parents to take up the role and ensure their kids are Financially educated

I’m here to provide and list for you the best financial books you can for your kids who are between the age of 3-14 years.

There are money finance books for kids out there but I’m here to recommend to you those most rated kids’ finance books with a lot of positive reviews from parents or guidance who have previously purchased it for their kids and later saw incredible positive results it impacted in the life of the kids.

These books are carefully selected and chosen to help your kids.

Some of these books can be read independently by kids while others may require an adult to teach it to kids.

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Lists of Best Finance Books For Kids

Investing for kids

from Amazon

Authors:  Dylin Redling & Allison Tom

Best For kids between the age of 8-12 years.

This book is just an introduction to teach kids how they can invest.

It also helps kids to understand the meaning of money so that they will make more of it and utilize it fine.

With this book, your kid can learn a lot regarding money. He will learn the best strategy to start a saving plan, how to make a successful investment plus the best way to establish their future with the money they invested.

This book “Investing for Kids” also has some interesting storylines that involve two characters called Mr Finance and Investing Woman.

The story is so engaging and through it, kids will have little ideas concerning stock and bond with how they can successfully invest in them.

Investing for kids has a lot of things to offer for kids, which include risks and rewards, and how kids can spread their portfolio and grow their money in no time.

One of the reasons why you should consider getting this financial book to your kid is, it will help them to become a successful, smart, and powerful investor in the future.

Get it now on Amazon

Money Skills for Kids

Author:  Ferne Bowe

For kids between 8 to 13 years.

Money Skill for Kids is a kid’s beginner guide to Earning money. it touches on all the aspects kids should know about personal finance.

This book prepares kids for the journey of money.

As a parent, this is one of the best gifts you can give to your child which will entertain and at the same time empower them.

The book contains advice and practical Examples kids should follow, the teaching is very simple and engaging for kids to comprehend, This is one of the best finance books for kids.

It is certain that at the end of going through this book, kids will be able to learn money management, which will rapidly transform their lives so that they will become good savers and wise spenders.

Here are the outlines of what kids will learn from this book

  • Unveiling the perplexity of spending and earning money more wisely.
  • Kids will learn the best method of actualizing their dream of making money into reality.
  • Mastering the act of saving money with a unique strategy so that saving money won’t be hard for the kid.
  • Introducing them to banking so that they will take their first step of choosing a bank and at the same time open a savings account.
  • Setting and achieving their first financial goals and ambitions.
  • The kid will be able to learn the big difference between wants & needs.
  • Introducing them into the world of investment and many others.

 After purchasing this book today for your kid, soon you will be happy you purchased it.

Get it now from Amazon 

What Is Money?

Author: Kelly Lee

For kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years 

In the book, kids will learn and understand what money is all about because simple sentences and words are used to explain everything.

With this book, parents will be able to catch their kids young and put them on the right track to financial literacy.

It is one of the perfect books for kids who are too tender, the images and illustrations are top-notch and suited for the purpose.

In this book “What is Money” kids will learn the following

  • What money is all about
  • What brings money and where money comes from.
  • Things kids oat to do with money
  • Reasons Why they should save.

Many parents and guidance who previously purchased this book were happy with what they found inside the book.

You can also get it for your kid on Amazon.

Money Ninja

Author: Mary Nhin

Best for kids between 4 to 10 years

This book is easily structured to help kids understand about investment, saving money, and also donating money to the needy and less privileged ones to better the society.

You can present this book as a birthday gift to your kid

Money Ninja has engaging dialog and some colorful graphics to draw the attention of kids.

In this finance teaching book Ninja as a character was teaching and demonstrating to kids how they can save money, donate, and make money useful.

With the comic features inside the book, kids will easily learn a lot concerning good money skills & delayed gratification.

This book is both made for boys and girls, it is one of the best teaching materials a financial instructor can have.

Get it now on Amazon 

How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000

Author: Jeannine Glista

Best for kids between 10 to 12 years.

How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 is one of the books that will teach kids how to become millionaires in no time.

It also teaches kids how they can set up a good business that will yield money for them.

Everything concerning this book is very simple to understand for your kid, it only requires the kid to implement some money consent and a simple strategy.

With this book, your kid will be able to learn how to make his first $1m 

What kids will learn from this book

  • Make it:  A topic that shows and teaches kids the ins and outs of getting their first job, and how to start their first business as a kid.
  • Save it: knowing fully that people called millionaires are not those who alwat spend it but those who save it. The book will help you to learn how to save and preserve your money as a kid.
  • Grow it:  for teaching kids the best way to grow their money by investing it and also making use of compound interest.

How to turn $100 into $1,000,000 is fully packed and loaded with a lot of teaching and ideas for kids.

Get yours from Amazon now

Finance 101 for Kids

Author: Andal Walter 

Have you been thinking of the best way of inculcating money management skills inside the next generation so that it will become part of them even into adulthood? 

Well, that is what Finance 101 for Kids is trying to do. 

Remember, as a parent your child is your priority, don’t neglect the aspect of ensuring they are financially skilled and balanced. But most times some parents don’t care about this, giving their attention to only their jobs.

Finding it so hard to draw the attention of your kid to finance? Don’t worry that’s one of the reasons Andal Walter published “Finance 101 for Kids” 

It was creatively created to inspire and help kids to get on the right financial track.

The following are what kids will benefit from Finance 101 for kids.

  • Introduction to how money started
  • Best ways to make and earn money as a kid.
  •  Introduction to investing and saving.
  • Introducing the meaning of credit cards to kids and shedding light on the dangers of not handling them the appropriate way.
  • Stock market explanation
  • Drawing kids’ attention to those economic challenges capable of affecting personal finance.
  • Explain to kids what foreign exchange and currencies are all about.
  • Importance and benefits of giving to the society and needy.

this is not the end of what kids are going to learn from Finance 101 but rather it is just a few of what they will be expecting.

Purchase now from Amazon 

Kid Start-Up

Author: Shaan Patel & Ian McCue

For kids between 9 to 12 years 

One of the finance books for kids that prepares and empowers them to become youngster entrepreneurs.

This book is designed to help kids fire up their entrepreneurial  spirit 

As a parent who wants the very best for your kid, I bet you won’t afford to pass this book by.

Showing pre-teens the ways to launch and set up their business Successfully, also brings to them some kids-friendly business ideas they can venture into which will not disturb their studies or take much of their time.

Teaches kids how to develop themselves so that they will be able to solve people’s problems.

Kids Start-up shows kids how they can create an online presence for themselves or their business which might be creating an Etsy store or building their online store.

With this finance book, kids will learn how they can empower themselves at a young age so that as they are growing their wealth will also grow at the same time.

Bringing up kids who will become powerful entrepreneurs is the goal, don’t miss out on this get yours now from Amazon.

How to Spend Wisely

Author: Kelly Lee

Looking for finance books for kids? Here comes “How to spend wisely” which teaches kids how they can wisely spend their money, inculcating in them good spending manners. 

For children between the ages of 3 to 7 years.

Most kids of this age find it somehow hard to figure out how they can spend wisely.

It is very important to teach kids how they can make good choices and budget correctly, they don’t have to become grown adults learning how to make choices and budget.

“How to spend wisely” will help your kid to have the basic concept of finance.

It has an interesting story that demonstrates how the character was able to budget and make the right choices.

Everything in this book is very simple which will allow kids to understand it without any difficulty.

Get it from Amazon.

Why would you buy finance books for your kids?

  • Lack of time: As a parent who wants his child to be financially exposed, you have discovered that you are heavily occupied with work and some duties. And hardly have enough time to spend together with your kids, then you can consider getting them a kid’s finance book.

Through what your child will learn from the book he will be able to understand what finance is all about.

  • Lack of expertise: Not all parents know exactly where to begin when teaching their kids about finance, some lack the skill to teach such a topic.

if you find yourself in this situation don’t worry, for there is always a solution, you can employ a financial instructor to teach your kids or you get them some finance related books.

To avoid seeing your child struggling financially when they have grown up, you can help them by getting them financial books.

What to consider when searching for a finance book for kids.

Before buying any financial book for your kid there are things you need to check and consider to avoid buying what you will regret at the end.

The specified age

Although many often neglect this, it is an important aspect to look for.

Before buying the book for your kid try to check the age range specified by the author.

Buying finance books made for kids between the ages of 8-12 to your 5 years old kid is very wrong.

It may lead to the kid finding it difficult to understand what was written inside the book because it’s beyond his age.

So, when buying finance books for kids choose those within the age of your kid.

Reviews of people 

This is another aspect to look into, go through the reviews dropped by those who purchased the book to know the experience they encounter with such a book.

If you check and see that the number of people who dropped negative reviews is high, then it will be wiser to leave the book.

But if people were dropping positive reviews, it’s a good sign that the book offers value then you can go for it.

What is the best book to teach kids about finances?

From the reviews people, the best book to teach kids about finance includes Finance 101 for Kids by Andal Walter.

Another one is How to Turn $100 into $1,000,000 by Jeannine Glista.

These are some of the best books for kids about finance.

Not that others are not good enough but these are among the most purchased kids’ finance books with huge positive reviews.

Which financial book should a kid read first?

What is money?” By Kelly Lee and  “Investing for Kids” by Dylin Redling & Allison Tom, should be the first book for kids to read 

If it is the first time the kid is reading about finances then he should go for those kids beginner-friendly finance books for kids.

Also, the type of finance book to choose will depend on his age, it is recommended to go for the one that matches his age.

What are the best financial books for kids out there

The best financial books for kids out there are Finance 101 for Kids & investing for Kids, these books have had a lot of users testifying about it.

Although there are a lot of other books these are the best kids finance books.

The authors of these books held some degree and know their onion in writing creative books that will help kids.

How do you teach a child about financial matters?

There are many ways to teach kids about finance, let’s take this example.

Example. 1

You can go to an online store eg on Amazon and purchase some kid’s finance book then teach and explain to your kids what is inside the book.

This method is highly recommended for those parents whose children are still tender, from 3-6 years.

By doing so the child will be learning and grabbing ideas about finance.

Example. 2

When going to the market or shopping go along with your kids, by doing so your child will be learning the practical aspect of finance.

This method will teach the child how to select between wants and needs, it will also let the child know the worth of what certain items can cost.

Example. 3 

Involving the kid when planning for the monthly expenses of the family, eg when planning for the bills to pay or when planning for foodstuffs needed by the family.

Let your child watch as you are planning and budgeting things, while he is watching and observing you as time goes on, you can ask him for his contribution of ideas in the decision-making.

You may surprise you by bringing his tangible ideas.

These are the ways to teach your kid about financial matters.

What is the best book to teach kids about finances

“Finance 101 for Kids” is considered the best financial book for teaching kids about finance.

This book is simply and creatively constructed to teach kids everything concerning finance.

After going through this book your child’s Financial literacy will drastically increase.

How do you educate children about finance

There are many ways to educate kids about finance, eg you can show them the examples and practical aspects of it.

This will help them to understand it better.

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Best-selling finance books for kids

One of the best-selling finance books for kids is “how to turn $100 into $1,000,000.”

This book has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, 

Those who bought this book were highly amazed at how this book has helped their kids.

A book that teaches kids about money

One of those books that teach kids about money is “What is Money?” by Kelly Lee.

This book will help kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years to have basic concepts and the meaning of money.

It is one of the best books you can get for your kids when trying to introduce the meaning of money to them.

Hopefully, this content meets up with what you are seeking, don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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