Is social media a blessing or curse (Answered)

Is social media a blessing or curse more details to know 

In today’s world almost everyone has access to social media won’t be surprised to see an 8-year-old child browsing on social media with many uncalled actions happening nowadays which will lead many to ask is social media a blessing or curse.

Many youths and children even adults will hardly stay for a day without visiting social media sites just to view what others posted or interact with friends and react to posts.

Many are so addicted to social media platforms that they won’t concentrate on their work without being disturbed or tempted to rush to one social media just to see how things are over there.

Imagine a student who should be preparing for his upcoming exam is busy on social media browsing pictures and watching videos instead of focusing on his studies.

Don’t be surprised to hear that many marriages and homes have been broken because of social media.

Is social media a blessing or curse 

Of course, social media is a 2 Edge sword how one utilizes it will determine if it’s a blessing or curse to him /her.

If you want social media to be a blessing to you it’s up to you, if also want social media to be a blessing it all depends on you.

In today’s world, social media have made many self-made millionaires & billionaires it has also made many useless and confused in life, this all depends on the individual.

Imagine in today’s world you can now monetize your social media account and it will be fetching money for you.

How we can make social media work in our favourIs social media a blessing or curse

  • Learn Ito grow your social media audience so that you will monetize it and be making money from it.
  • Know when to visit social media, don’t allow it to be a distraction for you.
  • Instead of watching videos and reading posts learn skills that will fetch you money on social media.
  • If you are a business owner make use of social media to advertise your business. Etc.

Is social media a blessing or curse 

Implementing this will help to make social media a blessing to you.

Is social media a blessing or curse I’m trying to let you know that how you handle social media will either bring a blessing or curse to you. 

It’s better to utilize it better so that you can experience the good side of it.

The blessing and good side of social media

There are many advantages of social media we can not easily forget or we can not do without. We will forever be grateful for it and appreciate the existence of social media the more.

The blessings of social media are plenty to those who know how to utilize it and make it work in their favor.

The blessings of social media are

  1. For making money: Have you realized that social media is the fastest way to make money online or you are yet to know?

Previously social media platforms were for meeting new friends and interacting with them but now it has moved beyond that.

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok can now pay you for using their platforms.

Is social media a blessing or curse This is a blessing indeed imagine making money simply by using social media, Just posting what you like and those platforms will be paying you hugely because you are contributing to its growth.

2. For running ads: instead of visiting the radio or television to do your advertisement you can simply use social media platforms to do it, the most amazing thing is it will yield more positive results.

You can sell everything you want on social media, you can sell your ebook, or market your clothing business on social media so that many customers will patronize you.

Social media as a means of education: When you realize this you won’t be scrolling on social media in vain, In today’s world distance is no longer a barrier, and social media is one of those things that made it easier.

You can stay in your sitting room to host an online teaching to people, Thousands of social media users today make money by simply teaching others what they know and it’s working to date.

This is one of the blessings of social media.

3. For communication and meeting new faces: In these modern days you can stay in Africa and make friends with someone in Asia or Europe, this is the work of social media. Is social media a blessing or curse

Communicating and making friends with people from different races and countries gives joy, it makes one feel happy because you can interact with someone from a far distance.

Many have met people who were able to change their lives for the better on social media.

4. Open way for many opportunities: Social media is one of those tools that connects people to many useful opportunities that will better their lives.

Many people have gotten good employment or jobs through social media, and others have been able to study abroad from the connections they got from social media.

Some businessmen and women have been able to expand their business more by buying goods cheaper from other countries and selling them to other countries where it’s higher in price, They were able to do this through the connection they got from social media.

5. Social media increases popularity: Many popular people today get it through social media. These celebrities got their fame through the help of social media.

To become popular today is no longer hard  what you use to achieve it is social media

6. Social media is a means of knowing the latest happening around your surroundings and the globe.

7. Means of entertainment: You know joy and happiness are necessary in human life and people get this through social media.

When many feel very lonely and bored they will simply go to social media to join a live session or watch some funny videos by doing so they will feel happy and entertained. Is social media a blessing or curse 

Instead of visiting one cinema to watch videos you can now sit in your bedroom and watch as many interesting movies as you wish, the only thing required is your internet connection.

People hardly feel bored these days because social media is there to entertain and make them feel happy.

8. Social media as a means of interaction: People are free to interact with posts they see on social media.

Maybe it’s a topic that concerns culture you can freely react and drop your comments.

I can say again that the usefulness of social media can not be overlooked.

Is social media a blessing or curse despite the blessings of social media there are still others that misuse it.

Others misuse it for their selfish interests thereby making social media to turn a curse for them.

Ways social media are been misused

Blackmailing others: Others use social media to blackmail their followers human beings this is very bad

Scamming innocent ones: scamming people has become the other of the day scammers now make use of social media to rip people off their money.

They make use of love and relationships to set traps for others when they fall victim their money will be lost, this is one of the reasons many think social media is a curse.

Spreading of false news: On social media, people can cook up any lies they want When they post it it won’t surprise you that people will believe the false news, they will also help to share it  Which is very bad.

Frequently asked questions on is social media a blessing or curseWhat is a lean in finance

Is social media a blessing?

Social can be a blessing if you know how to use it well.

Is social media a curse?

It can be a curse when it’s been misused

How can I make social media a blessing and curse to myself?

When you take your business to social media and be advertising your business there it will attract customers which is a blessing to you, but when you become so addicted to social media you only use it to gossip around it will become a curse for you.

Is it true that people make money from social media?

Yes, very true there are many ways to make money.

  • By monetizing your Facebook page
  • By holding seminar
  • By selling ebooks etc.


Social media can serve as a distraction to others especially if you are a student but you don’t have time to read your books all you can do is visit social media.

Social media can also be a blessing if you handle it very well.

Remember you can learn a skill from social media and also be teaching it to people with tokens.

Is social media a blessing or curse Instead of wasting social media it will be better to learn how you can make social to favour you so that you too will benefit from it.

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