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Is beyond finance legit (FAQs of beyond finance)

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Is beyond finance legit

Information on is Beyond finance legit

I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about Beyond Finance so that before you register with them you will fully know the mode of their operations and how things are done in Beyond Finance. Is beyond finance legit, stay tuned as we reveal everything you need to know.

Beyond Finance Services was established in 2011 it was designed to help people to be free from debt and at the same time regain peace of mind because loans have put many innocent people into depression which they found hard to overcome. Beyond finance bears the interest of people in mind that’s why they established such institutions to help debtors.

Beyond Finance made their service to be very simple in a way their clients will understand without much difficulty.

Since the year 2011, they started operating they have been working tirelessly to see that they helped many people and families located in the US to pay off their debts through their program.

Beyond Finance is among the best debt resolution companies in the USA they work in cooperation with their members to ensure that their clients are well attended to, they take every complaint from their clients and offer solutions to them or educate them on the area that seems confusing to them.

Beyond Finance is a debt resolution financial institution set up to help debtors get out of their debts and regain their financial freedom.

Many debtors find it hard to pay off their debts, leaving them to accumulate more interest which will make them not pay it in the end beyond finance they will set up some steps to help and guide debtors, when debtors diligently follow up these steps they will be able to be free from debts.

Is Beyond Finance Legit : Many clients who register with Beyond Finance to get rid of their debts testify positively on their behalf.

When people were airing their minds according to their experiences with Beyond Finance they were giving different reviews, many were giving position feedback while others were negative. But the numbers of those who gave positive feedback were larger than those with negative feedback

Some testify how Beyond Company helped them to reduce their loan amount, many testify how rapidly beyond finance customer care responded to them, etc.

Although few others gave negative feedback about beyond finance.

To read more of their reviews you can visit Trustpilot

Beyond Finance is a registered debt resolution company they are registered member of (IAPDA) International association of Professional Debt Arbitrators.

They are also registered with the (AFCC) American Fair Credit Council.

Any company that is registered with AFCC and IAPDA is considered legit.

Beyond Finance has helped more than 300,000 people to be free from debt since it started existing.

Step by step of how beyond finance work

Step. 1

You will first of all be registered in their program which was designed to help save more money, reduce the amount of loan you own, and at the same time pay off your debts.


The next process to take is to create an FDIC account they call it an “escrow”.

This is where to deposit the monthly money required by beyond, from the deposit you made in the account beyond will use it to pay your creditors.


Beyond will move to the step of calling your creditors to negotiate with them on your behalf. 


Immediately the creditor accepts to reduce payment then will send them money through the one on your FDCI account, sometimes They will send it once or send it multiple times. Is beyond finance legit

After completing paying the debts, the debt resolution with them will be considered solved or completed.

How do beyond finance work?

Beyond Finance is a debt resolution company this means they help debtors that own debt to credit companies to pay off their loans.

How do they do this? 

When a debtor registers with Beyond Finance, Beyond Finance will collect the pieces of information they need from the debtor like how many credit companies he owns, the amount he is owning them, and the rest.

After gathering this information everything will now be handled by Beyond Finance While the debtor will relax, Beyond Finance will take up the duty of calling those credit companies on the debtor’s behalf they will try to negotiate with the creditor to reduce the debt amount. 

Is Beyond Finance Legit They act as a middleman between the creditor and the debtor, debtors can no longer answer calls from the creditor because Beyond Finance will handle that.

But this does not mean that Beyond Finance will pay your debt from their pocket No, when you register with them you will create a separate account where you will be depositing money, and from the money you deposited they will use it to settle your debts.

If at the end of the process, you have paid off your debts but money remains in the separate account you created on the Beyond Finance platform you are free to withdraw it anytime you wish.

Is beyond finance legit they take their fee of working for you but this is done according to the amount of loan you own, they charge 15% to 25% of the fee according to the amount of debt an individual owns. 

Remember that beyond finance work only with unsecured loans or debt This means that they don’t work with the type of loan that was done with collateral like a car, house, land, etc.

They accept a minimum loan of $7,500 if a debtor owns below this amount they will not allow him to register with them.

Beyond finance social media

Nowadays it is very hard to see such companies like Beyond Finance without social media handles, Beyond Finance displays some of their progress and activities on social media, people can also reach them or chat them up on these social media handles.

Beyond finance social media are





Beyond finance website

Their website is where you will get more information you need about them, their terms and conditions and other things

You will also see the details of their workers including some testimonials from their clients. Visit their website beyondfinance

Beyond finance apps

For easier communication, Beyond has developed an app and made it available for both on Play Store and Apple Store

Download on Play store

Download on Apple store

Beyond finance address

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 660442

Dallas, Texas 75266-0442

Beyond finance phone number




Beyond finance email address

For enquiries from clients

For the submission of creditor’s document

For the submission of other legal documents

Frequently asked questions about what is beyond finance 

Is beyond finance legit 

Yes, they are legit some of the legal companies they registered with show they are legit. Many reviews from people also testified their legitness, although few people had complained against them.

Is it beyond debt relief?

Yes, they are, Beyond Finance has helped homes, and families to pay off their debts by helping them to be debt relieved.

What kind of company is beyond finance?

Beyond Finance is a kind of company that helps people pay off their loans, it’s called a debt resolution company. They intercede for debtors and also negotiate with creditors so that creditors can reduce the amount of money owned by the debtor which will help him to pay it off.

Does Beyond Finance give loans?

Beyond Finance can help people to secure loans by negotiating with a credit company so that the borrower can get the money in favorable conditions. Is beyond finance legit

Who owned beyond finance

Beyond finance chief operating officer Lou Antonelli 

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