How to spot online scams

10 ways on How to spot online scams and protect yourself

Online scams are becoming rapid these days ripping people off their money and leaving their victims with broken hearts In the end, How to spot online scams and protect yourself from them will be revealed to you.

Scammers have done more harm to people especially online scams, as the world is moving digital some folks make use of the opportunity to engage in online fraudulent behaviors like scamming others.

Here we will teach you everything you need to know on how to spot online scams,  How to dictate their strategies, and how to completely distance and protect yourself from them. When you can spot scam activities you can easily avoid them and protect yourself that is why we are here just to guide you.

Can you imagine, that in 2022 elderly Americans lost a total amount of $ 3.1 billion to online scams this is not even the total amount when combined everything,  Online Scams activities keep rising daily and yearly.

How to spot online scams

Online scammers use many formats to deceive their victims, The following strategies will help you to dictate faster online scams.

  • Trying to become your friend instantly
  •  Tricking you to fall in love with them
  • Promising to give expensive things at a very cheap price
  • Making you pity them
  • Telling you he is rich
  • They don’t normally do video call
  • Telling you not to let anyone know

Trying to become friends instantly

Online scammers can chat with you today and engage you in a very interesting chat so that you both can become friends.

Even if you are tired and offended him still he will be the one to beg you until you both start chatting with each other as friends again.

So monitor very well when you see a stranger from no way sending you a friend request after you have accepted it he then starts tricking you so that you both can become friends.

Because scammers know that when the victim becomes friends with them, it will be hard for the victim to suspect the scammer.

How to spot online scams, they will try to become your friend without anything legal connecting you both.

 Tricking you to fall in love with them

This format is called “online love scam or romance scam” Scammers use this format to scam both men and women but mostly large numbers of women fall victim to online love slov.

Scammers will chat with their victims and start telling them how beautiful or handsome they look, and how they will like to spend the rest of their life with someone like him or her.

They will say all sorts of sweet words and unreal promises until their victims deeply fall in love with them.

Sometimes this process of scamming people with fake love format can take up to 2 weeks or one month by that time the victim is fully convinced boom they will then scam her.

This year 2023 up to 70,000 have reported have they were scams with romance scams. Be guided not to fall victim to romance scams or love scams.

Promising to give expensive things at a very cheap price

Online scammers would like to offer you a product that is very expensive at a cheaper price so that you can easily send them money.

This happens mostly to those buying digital products eg the normal price of the product is $500 a scammer will tell you he is selling for $200 or $250 so that you can easily rush to him and send him money, after that he may block your contact.

How to spot online scams when you see someone selling expensive products at a very cheap price don’t quickly rush for it, look before you leap just to avoid getting scammed.

Making you pity them

Online Scammers may chat with you and start telling you lie of how hungry he is or how they have not eaten any food for some days now, They will tell you this to attract pity so that in the end you can send them your money.

Online scammers go to the extent of telling their victims that they are sick with deadly diseases and might die in a few days if no one takes care of them, out of pity the victim might decide to send him money to treat himself not knowing that he is just a cheap scammer.

Telling you how rich he is

Online Scammers sometimes tell their victims how rich they are and how big they live.

They will start sending videos and pictures showing riches with someone else video and pictures, they will tell their victims that they were the ones in the pictures and videos.

After seeing all these videos and pictures sent by the scammer the victim may believe them, most times they tell the scammer will lie to the victim that his father owns an oil company or his father is a senate president.

After the victim has believed in his lies the scammer will then promise to send the victim some precious gold and expensive gifts, through means he will scam the victim.

Telling you not to let anyone know

This is the last we will discuss on spotting a scammer, when having a discussion or chat with them that involves money or love they will tell you not to let anyone know.

The reason they tell you this is, they know that when you tell your friends and family they will advise you to stay away from the scammer.

To avoid revealing or disrupting his motive the scammer will warn you not to let anyone know about the discussion you both are having, this is another way How to spot online scams when you notice this signs a kid the person immediately.

How to protect yourself from online scams

There are many ways to avoid and protect yourself from online scammers including

Block any contact you suspect: on your social media accounts block any contact telling you about money and other things.

They made use of other formats but for any chat you suspect just block the person right away.

Stop clicking on any phishing link: avoid any phishing link that will require you to input your details and information.

Look before you leap: look very well before being involved in anything you are doing with a total stranger this will save you a lot.

Before putting your money or investing in that crypto stuff ask questions to friends and relatives about it.

Also before believing anything a total stranger is telling you make some enquiries and investigation about it, it will save you a lot.

FAQs on how to spot online scams

What are online scams and how do they operate?

An online scam is an act of ripping people off their valuables way and collecting what belongs to people in a tricky way. Scams can operate in the following ways

·        they can steal your information and use it against you.

·        They can hack your social media accounts

·        They can trick so so that you will send them money etc.

What steps should I take if I become a victim of a scammer?

Firstly report the scammer account if it’s on social media report his social media accounts, and Just Report the scammer account on the platform he scammed you.

Also, warn others so that they will not fall the next victim to another scammer.

How do I know that an online offer or opportunity is a scam?

There y you can find out

·        If the offer was offered in a very low amount of money.

·        If you are been asked frequently to pay a certain amount of money

·        If the offer sounds so good to be good

How do I protect my personal information and that of my financial details from scammers?

·        Stop clicking on phishing links

·        Stop putting your details on any websites you come across

·        Don’t drop your personal and financial details publicly on one platform

Recommendations of a website that checks the legitimacy of a business or online offers?

You can use a Trustpilot  website to read the reviews of what people

Where do online scammers meet their victims?

Online scammers meet their victims on online platforms like dating apps, hookup platforms, and social media eg Facebook, TikTok, 2go, etc.

What are the most rampant types of online scams, also how can I recognize them early?

The most rampant types of scam are

·        Romance scam: making you victim to trust and fall in love with you.

·        Crypto investment scam: this involves deceiving people with fake screenshots so that they will join in the investment and get scammed at the end.

How to take legal steps if I am scammed online?

You can take legal steps and actions by reporting it to the legal Authorities in your country in charge of dealing with fraudulent activities, they may track the scams and get him arrested.

Final Thought

how to spot online scams and protect yourself, don’t be too quick to believe in any offer or opportunity research very well to know the authentication of the information.

Don’t believe in online romance also do not send money to strangers on anything that looks and sounds fishy to you.

When you properly follow everything discussed here you will surely be protected from online scams.

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