Don't be fool by social media

Don’t let social media fool you ( ways to avoid being fooled)


The power of social media don’t let social media fool you

Social media is one of the ways people interact with each other daily it brings people together regardless of country or gender, Social media has the power to influence people’s lives negatively or positively depending on how one handles it, Don’t let social media fool you unfortunately many people have been fooled through what the saw on social media.

Not knowing that some of these things are Photoshop or let me say they are not so in reality.

Examples of these social media platforms are 

X (formally Twitter)






YouTube etc.

People visit these platforms steadily to know the latest happening around.

facts about some people on social media

Many people get carried away when they see what others are posting on social media this makes them start thinking that they are useful or nothing is working for them.

Of course, people are moved by what they see but at least don’t believe everything so quickly.

But I’m not trying to conclude that everything people post on social media is fake No, I’m trying to point out that 65% of what people post on social media is not exactly what it is in real life.

Even when some of these are real they should not make you feel worthless or bring your self-esteem low but rather they should serve as a motivation to you, They should give you more courage to keep pushing on whatever you are doing.

my story about social media

Don’t let social media fool you I remember when my younger sister would carry some of my brother’s expensive T-shirts because my brother was not around she would quickly wear those T-shirts and snap pictures with them, and most times she would wear them and go live on TikTok after she is done she will quickly remove those clothes.

She always shows me how her classmates will admire those clothes Most of them will think she has many expensive wears or she is a rich girl not knowing they are all fake lives.

Recently there have been many AIs available that people can use to make their pictures looks more attractive and expensive making them look as if all is fine with them, when they post some of these pictures some people will “Oh boy see how expensive this people are living while I’m here with nothing to show at all”.

Fake life on social media is mostly found among celebrities the fact remains that most of the celebrities that share expensive pictures of themselves are not exactly how they are in real life.

The thing that carries people away is when they see a celebrity post a picture he or she took beside a very expensive car, You will see people congratulating up and down without knowing if he is the owner or not

Although not all celebrities who are rich live a fake life, some of the celebrities also advised their fans telling them don’t let social media fool you or be carried away with people’s lives on social media.

Some popular celebrities that advised people about social media

Some celebrities have noticed what’s going on on social media and some pieces of advice to their followers.

Some of these celebrities are

Tonto dike

A Nigerian female actress 

She wrote:

Don’t ever be pressured or be fooled just live and follow the fast lane.

Surely I’m aware of those people “ both female &male” that travel abroad just once a year then they will take many pictures that can last a year ( what they do is slowly which will make us believe they always travel steadily ‼!)

I also know of those people including (female &male) that change their wears up to 4times on a single trip they made on a private jet just for pictures and after taking those pictures they will be posting them periodically and people will be feeling like they travel in every sec in many styles.

Don’t be fool by social media

No pun meant at all “ just trying to say that you should not be assuming anyone’s life just work your own life at your pace.

Also don’t ever be intimidated by the success of others, in all, bear in mind that you can be worth more than those you are trying to wish or envy.

Love you all

Good morning folks.

Bbnaija star: Vanita akpofure

She wrote:

No Snapchat _filter or FaceTime_ video on TV lol…

None at all.

Here is the__ reality of it don’t let social media fool you

There is level to this _packaging…. _Choose your level consumables __ defectiveness___ wisely.

Bbnaija star: Ceec official

She wrote:

Pretty _ girls with _ natural bodies and __ regular jobs are still winning.

Don’t let __social media __fool you

DJ cuppy

She said in an interview

Don’t let everything you see on social media fool you.

Nobody is perfect including me.

How to avoid being fooled by social media

Don’t panic, there are different ways to avoid those social media troubles so that they will not weigh your self-esteem mind or trouble your mind.

Some of these ways are.

Reduce how you visit social media: Reducing how often you visit social media will help you occupy your mind with those things that will be beneficial for you.

Unfollowing some friends: those set your friends on social media who normally post those pictures that always make you start feeling envious or feel as if your condition is worse, for the sake of your mindset you can decide to unfollow or unfriend them do it just for the sake of your mindset.

Follow those friends that will impact positively on you: one thing with social media is it can make and break people, there are those friends or mentors on social media that impacts people’s life positively.

They do drop some motivational quotes that build up people’s spirit they also teach those skills that will bring some income to people. This is the kind of people you should follow on social media. Don’t let social media fool you

Examples of these people who impact people’s lives positively on social media are 

Emeka Nobis

Reno omokri

Prince Gabriel Okocha

Remedy Nwankwo


Ifeanyi Eze  etc

There are many just locate the right ones for you and follow them up you will see how positively they will influence you.

Don’t feel bad about what you see:  don’t be too quick to believe everything you see on social media even if they are real don’t let it bring your spirit down, be focused believe in yourself, keep improving, and do those things that are good, trust yourself one day you will make it.

Take a break from social media: If the pressure you receive from Social Media is too much or you won’t be able to control it the best thing to do is to take a break from social media It can be 3 months, 6 months, or even a year break from social media.

Frequently asked questions on Don’t let social media fool you

Is social media a deceiver?

Social media is not a deceiver it depends on how you view it or the type of celebrities or friends you are following up.

No doubt social media have made many rich and popular because they utilize it fine.

How do I know that I’m been fooled by social media?

You can be able to know this when you feel oppressed because of those exorbitant lifestyles you see social

You can also know this when you feel like giving up on yourself because of one kind of picture you come across.

Is social media good or bad?

Generally, social media is good, it has drastically changed people’s lives for good

but when you choose to use it in the wrong way it will be bad for you.


Social Media have made many people useless it has also made others to be successful.

Don’t be too carried away by what you see don’t let social media fool you

Don’t be jealous when you see those expensive lifestyles on social media for you never can tell what they pass through before achieving those things, Trust yourself that one day will be your turn.

When you do this you will not be fool by social media anymore you will be more focused on pursuing your future instead of killing yourself from those expensive social media pictures

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