Is social media a blessing or curse

Don’t believe everything on social media (reasons)


Don’t believe everything on social media

I’m going to share with you some pieces of advice that will help you to know how you can control the things you see on social media. Don’t let social media fool you Also don’t believe everything on social media

 You see on social media people will only what they want you to see.

People hardly post ugly and rough pictures of them, they only shower their followers with their beautiful pictures, Of course, no one will like to post a picture or video of them eating poor food or having misunderstandings with their partners. Don’t believe everything on social media

All the pictures on social media show only perfection, forgetting that nobody is perfect.

People only share those pictures because they look so beautiful and appealing on it.

Then when someone who is still struggling with life sees those pictures they will be assumed to be like the person without knowing what the real life of the person looks like, Sometimes he may be better than the poster but due to how everything was staged and packaged the poster appears perfect.Don't believe everything on social media

Let me tell you this story

Imagine a house girl “let’s call her Rita” Rita is from a poor family Her parents were unable to sponsor her to the tertiary level, then one of their relatives volunteered to take Rita to the city so that she will be serving as a made then from the money they will be paying her, she will be able to further her education.

Rita is a 21-year-old girl who is now in the city Her uncle is rich they have a beautiful mansion with many cars inside.

Rita’s job is to cook food, wash some mess, and make sure everything is neat, and she is doing it exactly. Don’t believe everything you see on social media

Her madam gave her an Android phone so that she could use it to communicate with them when they were not around.

Now when Rita is free at her house work she uses the Phone to snap many beautiful pictures of herself in the mansion, She will snap those pictures beside those beautiful cars.

After she is done she posts it on her social media accounts, then many young ladies will be admiring and assuming that Rita is living a perfect life.

Don’t believe everything on social media

Most of the time when her uncle and madam are not at home Rita will go to their beautiful parlour to make some short videos and share on social media.

When she is cooking she will share pictures of their wonderfully built kitchen.

When others see these beautiful pictures of her some will just conclude that Rita’s parents are rich, many will say she was born with a silver spoon.

But one thing they don’t know is Rita’s story, they don’t know her background nor what brought her to the city.

Don’t believe everything you see on social media

This story is just to remind you that those things you see on social media may not be exactly how you assumed them to be in real life.

Therefore when you see such beautiful pictures showcased don’t compare it with your life.

There is one song that says “Everybody rich for Instagram” Of course everyone wants to belong no one likes to appear odd and it’s not their fault.

Don’t be surprised if I tell you that not every celebrity, actress or actors you see on movies were rich, some of them hardly eat 3 square meal but because they were opportuned to appear on movies some people will be thinking that they are now so rich and have made it in their life.

But they don’t know that those actors and actresses are also struggling with life just like everyone is doing, People’s lives and struggles will not be the same everyone with their issues of life and level of struggling. Don’t believe everything on social media

Is social media so bad and corrupt?

No, not at all 

Social Media is never bad but it depends on how you view and assume it.

Many useful insights are been shared on social media.

Imagine the other I saw of pictures of American Mall it was posted by a student who went for an investigation.

Guess what Those pictures were beautiful and amazing, I was very happy to see such beautiful pictures.

If not for social media for me to see those pictures I would have to travel to an American mall, but thanks to social media that made it easier for me and for everyone to see what’s happening to other places while  I’m staying at another place.


I’m trying to let you have a more clear understanding of Social Media and how you can have the right mindset towards it.

Instead of trying to compare everything you see with your life, it’s better you just let it inspire or entertain you.

Remember no one is perfect and people are trying to share their good part on social me.

Therefore, don’t believe everything on social media or try to assume that everything on social media is how it looks in real life.


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