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Does maple motors finance: Reviews and details about maple motors 2024

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Does maple motors finance, keep reading you will surely get the answer.

Are you looking for information concerning this; Does Maple Motors finance, I’m going to discuss everything you need to know about Maple Motors including how their financing options work so that you will be fully aware of it.

Who Are Maple Motors?

Maple is a muscle car dealer that specializes in selling muscle motors to people who need them.Does maple motors finance

They have been in existence since 1983 till date, It was initially founded by James Fite Sr known as Pops, and he made it to be a family business. He later handed over the business to his 3 sons Jason, Jeff, and Jim and three of them are working proudly to maintain the business and make their father proud.

At their store they have different kinds of motors available for purchase, Also their cars are very affordable to acquire people don’t have to use their house as a mortgage before acquiring one of the maple motors.

They deal with honesty they don’t sell spoilt cars to people, and their cars are strong with good working engines.

How Maple Motors got their cars

According to Maple Company, they don’t get their cars from any random places eg. purchasing them from other car dealer or getting them from Auction, They only buy their cars directly from the people that owns them but have decided to sell it off.

Before Maple Company buys these cars they will make sure they are ok with the car and the car is working perfectly.

Maple Motor and Financing : Does Maple Motors Finance

Now let me explain it to you

According to Maple Motors, they do not offer any car financing but on their website,  but they have the lists and links of those loan companies that offer car finance. They have those loan lenders on their website, This is to enable people to quickly locate car financing companies.

If you want car finance then visit any of those companies that offer loans, a available on maple motors

Their terms may vary from each, look for the one that suits you then go for it. 

One of those car loan companies on their Maple website that offers loan is Lightstream company you can choose it or you choose another one.

Maple Motors have testified that many of their customers have been using those credit company and there have not been any complaints they encountered. Does Maple Motors Finance 

One thing about those car loan companies on the Maple website is, they don’t deal with some people that have low credit scores.

For you to partner with them your credit score must be 600 and above, anything below 600 is a no-go area for them.

Frequently asked questions about Maple Motor Company.

After buying a vehicle from Maple Motors will they transport it to me?

Please, bear in mind that they do not transport motors to buyers but they have a good transport company they usually recommend and make use of.

This transport company is “Rick” with Rick’s services your purchased car can be delivered to you at any location you want.

Then you will have to pay them “Rick” for delivering the car to you

You can reach out and contact Ricks here

And 816-372-1867.

Does Maple offer good cars?

Yes, Maple does offer good cars; they ensure that every car they are about to sell to buyers is on good terms.

Even if there’s a minor fault they will inform the buyer on time so that he can decide whether to continue with buying the car or not.

Be rest assured that you can get quality cars from Maple Motors.

Are the prices of cars flexible?

Maple motors are not flexible in prices, their prices are fixed.

And it’s at reasonable and affordable prices

But most times if they are tired of a particular car they will make the price flexible, although this type of option doesn’t happen frequently. It mostly happens to a particular car that has been on the market for more than 60-90 days

They will try to make the price flexible by reducing the price of the car and that will be the firm price.

Is there a down payment requirement when opting for financing at Maple Motors?

This entirely depends on the type of loan company you are getting the loan from, they may decide to charge you a down payment.

This mostly occurs when you have a bad credit score.

To get detailed information concerning this make sure you ask questions about the loan company so that you will be aware of their services.

Does Maple Motor sell cheap cars?

Yes, their cars are affordable to the level that an average American can be able to purchase them.

What are the payment methods for maple motor?

There are many available payment options to use at Maple Motor they are:

  • Bank craft
  • Wire transfer
  • Cashier check
  • Cash at hand

Payment options they don’t accept

  • Business check
  • Personal check
  • Credit card
  • Debit card

Can I buy a car from Maple online or without coming in person?

They prefer their customers to come in person but in a situation like this people are allowed to buy a car without coming in person the only thing required is to call or email them.

Then you make a wire transfer to them the car will be brought out so that you can come to pick it or you direct them where to bring it and they will bring it exactly there.

Does Maple Motors Finance

What if the vehicle I bought is at fault will they repair it?

No, Maple Motor does not repair cars if the car needs a little service and they notice it they will inform the buyer before buying, if he wishes to buy he may continue or look for another one.

Where does Maple Motor get their cars from?

They usually buy it from individuals

Before they buy it they will require many details about the car like

  • The location
  • The price the seller wishes to sell it
  • The pictures
  • Brief details about the car

All this should be sent to their email

Note: They don’t buy cars like 

Motorcycles, Boats, ATVs,  RVs, etc

Where is Maple Motor located?

They are located at_ 3 miles of _rivergate_mall on Gallatin Rd “West Main Street”

829_ West _main

Hendersonville_ TN _37075.

Office: 800.224.8180

Maple motor contact details?

For quick responses or enquiries call them


According to them, their messaging system is at fault so it’s better to call them or send them an email but emails are filled with many messages it will take a little time for them to respond. 

For quicker response from them call them.




Email address

Fax: 727.498.0604

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