Can you get accurate information from social media

Can you get accurate information from social media


Can you get accurate information from social media

Everyone is allowed to visit social media and post whatever he or she likes, social media is one of the places where people spread news rapidly including the latest happening at the moment.

Can you get accurate information from social media you can get accurate information, but at the same time, you can also get false information from Social Media.

It is impossible to say that social media is only for false news but it’sonly full of half-baked news, Accurate information can be gotten from social media when you visit the right source.

Let me shock you even those news reporters can be bribed to give out false information to people.

You know false news always spreads wider and faster than accurate news due to the way it’s been painted.

 When people see such false news all they will do is to share it so that many people will believe it too, without knowing they are been fed with false news.

The most unbelievable thing is sometimes you will see those well-known politicians sharing false news on social media just to win people’s hearts, this mostly happens during an election period.

Don’t worry for we are going to help you on how you can be able to know false news so that you won’t fall victim to it.

Why do people spread false information

Much false information has not been spread in vain, 

There are many reasons behind such information.

Some of these reasons are:

  • To blackmail: This happens mostly to celebrities, their fellow celebrity may decide to post a video or pictures that contains false information just to blackmail them.
  • Clickbait: This is mostly done by bloggers they may share a deceiving thumbnail just to attract people so that people will click on it which will redirect them to another website.
  • To get people’s attention: some politicians may decide to cook up false information against their opponents so that people will start siding and supporting them.
  • To get more followers: These days you will see many people sharing pictures that show they are helping the poor which are lies, they can do it just to attract thousands of followers

Can you get accurate information from social media.

It is not right to say that social media is only for false news no, accurate information also can be gotten from social media

How to know accurate information.

Accurate information is indeed hard to find on social media but there are ways to get it By following these steps you can minimize the chances of getting false information.

 they are.

  1. Visiting the right source: those platforms that offer accurate information you can visit them to get the right information, You can visit their website or their social handles.
  2. Make research: When you come across any information that you are not sure of try carrying out more research about it, if reputable websites confirm it then the information may be correct.
  3. Read people’s comments: People normally react positively or negatively about news, Checking the comment section to read what people are saying concerning the particular news being shared will help you to know if it’s real or fake.
  4. Read less about social media news: You may focus more on listening to the radio, watching TV news, or reading newspapers it will help to eliminate those false news from social media. Can you get accurate information from social media

The negative effects of false news from social media.

False news from social media has done more harm to people, and its consequences are:

  • False information has led to the quarrels of many people.
  • False information can make someone go to prison.
  • It can lead to people’s death
  • It has led to many broken-hearted
  • Others have been scammed because of false information.
  • Lack of trust: It has led many to see every information as false even if the information is real or not.

Frequently asked questions on whether can you get accurate information from social media.

Is every piece of information from social media false?

Not really, not everything shared information is false.

Why do people post false information?

Many do that to paint others black, there are many reasons for that though.

How can one tell if an information is false?

You can know this true in many ways like 1, through the source 2, through the person who shared it, and 3, through the comments people make. etc.

How can I know if the information is real?

Accurate information can be determined through the website it’s released from etc.

How can false information be stopped?

False information can be stopped by the following

  • By stopping resharing false news from social media.
  •  Sensitizing people about the harmful of false information.
  • Bringing punishment to those who keep on doing it. etc.


Before concluding or believing any news it will be better to Carry out more research to know the accuracy of the information.

Can you get accurate information from social media I still believe that it can be gotten but try to investigate before believing.

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